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My aim is Natural Health for every child with and without disabilities.

My son Stefano 8 years old suffers from Prader Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disease caused by a disorder of chromosome 15.

What is PWS?

Its main characteristics are:

  • excessive appetite
  • low muscle tone
  • emotional instability
  • immature physical development
  • learning disabilities (sometimes very mild)

My goal is to inform everyone about Natural Health!

My mission goes all over the world , his testominal has been published in the Netherlands, Belgium,Great Britain, Australia, Canada. And I will continue informing everyone about Natural Health for every child in the World. Newspapers, magazines, radiointerview

Gezondnu magazine NL edition september 2011

Limburgs Dagblad NL( newspaper)Mai 2011

AD NL newspaper

Radio interview Parkstad  NL April 2011


To obtain further information I can be contacted via e-mail at:

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