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An end to respiratory infections

An end to respiratory infections

Positive experiences with natural nutritional supplements.

Jolanda de Groot describes her positive experience of the use of nutritional supplements taken by her son. The editors state that, for their knowledge, there is insufficient information available to conclude the efficacy of nutritional supplements.

Stefano de Groot is 7 years old and he has the Prader Willi Syndrome. When Stefano was 5 weeks old he received that diagnose. He lives together with his father Stefan, mother Jolanda and his sister Shanya in Eygelshoven. His older brothers Bud, Dwayne and sister Kiona do not live at home anymore.

Stefano has had a lot of infections, especially respiratory infections. The situation was so critical that in 2008 he had to go to the emergency department for more than sixty times, because of respiratory problems. He received several antibiotics, none of them helped.

3 Years ago Jolanda came in contact with a firm specialized in cellular medicine. Through the use of this natural treatment the immune system of Stefano has strengthened. “ It is becoming clearer and clearer that our food does not contain all the required essential nutrients, even with a healthy diet this cannot be achieved. Supplementation of essential micronutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids are necessary” according to Jolanda. Every human has a micronutrients deficiency, especially disabled children. Stefano daily takes 4 different supplements. For every child the doses is different and should properly be adjusted to the child. “ The results are amazing. He is not anymore rapidly susceptible to infections and his health resistance is much better.  We are extremely happy that he does not get any more quickly ill and that his quality of life has significantly improved”, says Jolanda. Stefano does not, besides the growth hormone, receive any medications and only has to go the hospitals for common checkups.

For some years now Jolanda is working for the company who supply her the supplements. Because it helped her son Stefano so good, she wants to inform everyone about the use of supplementation of the micronutrients. Through her a free information package can be requested, e-mail:


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